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Projects A: Processes

Within the project area Processes the development and qualification of new manufacturing technologies with a special focus on forming technolgies is the research focus. The mandatory process design andĀ  planning is carried out by means of numerical simulation methods especially customized and developed for SBMF. The selected processes are experimentally verified within the TCRC. Besides central topics like feasibility and process design connected topics like quality control and -management are placed in project area A. This area is the main part of the TCRC. On the one hand, the competence in manufacturing technologies that is mandatory for SBMF is developed here. On the other hand the limitations for the other project areas are defined here and the results of those are verified here.

The project area A was focussed on research with regard to forming processes in the field of SBMF to produce function integrated sheet metal components on the one hand and on the the development of optimised numerical simulation methods on the other hand. Currently the adaption and application of results from project areas B and C are gaining importance with the ongoing scientific progress. From this aspect the strong networking involving all three universities and all projekt areas is a major benefit for the ongoing research.

Project area A consists of 6 projects employing 7 researches in 5 institutes. The projects are located in all 3 universities that are members of the TCRC. The projects of project area A are represented in all working groups. In Erlangen 2 institutes are involved in project area A. the research is focussed on the production of semi finished products as well as the application of extrusion or comibinedĀ  deepdrawing and upsetting within one tool are investigated. In additon the measurement of the formed specimen with focus on the functionality is subject to considerable research work. In Dortmund are also 2 institutes involved in project area A. The focus is on incremental forming as an alternative to conventional forming processes and innovative adaptive simulation modellls for the efficient computation of SBMF processes by means of finite element simulation. In Hannover the involved institute is researching the possibility to integrate several steps of cutting and drawing by superposing vibrations and thus enable the production of more complex workpieces by means of SBMF.