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In order to cope with the challenges given by sheet-bulk metal forming, different aspects of processes, systems and material have to be researched in order to understand their influences and interacations to enable the use of those. The Transregional Collaborative Research Centre (TCRC) adresses this challenge by having 3 project areas which are interconnected by working groups. The three project areas reflect the main research areas of the TCRC. They are supplemented by the crossconnecting working groups. On the one hand, among these the field of modeling and simulation is of particular importance for the connection between the project areas, on the other hand quality control and management as well as workpiece properties and functionality are of importance as well. Tools and materials are additional important interconnecting topics. The working groups are the dynamic response of the TCRC to changing questions and challenges. Therefore, a modification of this structure is possible at any time.

Struktur 14