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A6 - Function-oriented Inspection (funding period 1)

Strategies for function-oriented optical inspection of formed precision components

Project Status: finished

Last Update: 05.06.2012


The objective of project A6 is the provision of methods and strategies for the cycle-time-compatible, holistic and component adapted optical inspection of formed high-precision parts with sophisticated variant geometries by use of fringe projection sensors. Novel, flexible sensor configurations are elaborated experimentally. Component compatible measuring processes, sighting-, positioning- and analysis-strategies will be modelled, simulated and optimized. Hence, rules and guidelines are to be developed and provided as computer-based assistance system.

Working Groups



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      • 30.06.2009: Weickmann, J.: Automatic, task-sensitive and simulation-based optimization of fringe proejection measurements, St. Petersburg
      • 13.10.2009: Weickmann, J.: A6: Strategien für das funktionsorientierte optische Prüfen umgeformter Präzisionsbauteile, Alsfeld