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T09 - On-site processing

On-site processing of complex and cost-intensive capital goods

Project Status: Active

Last Update: 11.05.2021


The focus of the transfer project lies in the knowledge transfer of the specific subsurface modification by grinding with toric tools and the CAM planning adapted to the subsurface to a mobile machine tool in order to realize the machining of forming tools on site.

For this, the subsurface model developed for the grinding process is transferred from the SFB/TR 73 to the altered boundary conditions of a mobile machine tool. The existing knowledge is adapted to the changed cooling and lubrication situation outside a closed machine tool. For this purpose, new tool concepts are developed together with the cooperation partner BDW-BINKA, which allow machining without cooling lubricant and at the same time meet the requirements for surface and subsurface properties with sufficient tool life. Furthermore, the CAM planning developed in the Transregio 73 will be further developed into an integrated CAD/CAM module. For this purpose, the real component geometry is measured on site and transferred into a CAD model. The CAD model is used to identify and define the areas to be machined. With the path planning developed in the SFB/TR 73, which is transferred to the mobile machine, a local setting of the desired subsurface properties is made possible. After completion of the transfer project, a process is available which, on the basis of real component geometries, enables component-oriented on-site machining with load-specific adapted subsurface. The process helps to shorten manufacturing and maintenance processes and thus increase the profit-ability of complex and cost-intensive capital goods.