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B6 - Endoscopic Geometry Inspection

Endoscopic Geometry Inspection by Modular Fibre-optic Sensors

Project Status: finished

Last Update: 20.10.2020


The aim of subproject B6 "Endoscopic Geometry Inspection" which is part of the collaborative research centre (Transregio) 73 is to develop a measuring system based on the principle of fringe projection in combination with flexible optical fibres. The usage of optical fibres allows a spatial separation of the measuring head and the camera-projector unit. Therefore, a measuring head of small dimensions can perform measurements in forming plants. The main task of subproject B6 is the design of the optical setup, the construction of appropriate measuring heads within in the context of the measuring task and the development of algorithms processing the fringe pattern by including the transmission properties of the used optics.



Working Groups



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