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Last Update: 14.02.2019

The task of the working group tools consists in coordinating the work, which is connected with experimental investigations of the tool technology. Partial projects from the fields of forming, construction and materials technology as well as machining are involved. In the first funding period, a first joint demonstrator was designed to bring together various technologies within the Transregio. In the second funding period the focus was on the tribological investigations of tailored surfaces. For this purpose, a ring compression test was developed for the BMU process. Furthermore, selected tailored surfaces were analyzed in a pin extrusion test. On the basis of numerous experimental investigations, the limits and possibilities of individual processes could be worked out and a comparability could be achieved. In addition, investigations were carried out with a vibration-superimposed flat-bed test in order to determine the influence of the pressing force on modified surfaces. Improved shaping of secondary forming elements by modifying the tool surfaces by tailored surfaces could also be demonstrated by means of real forming processes, such as reverse flow extrusion as well as in incremental forming technology. In addition, preliminary tests on the wear and run-in behavior of Tailored Surfaces were carried out in the AK Tools under high contact normal stresses.

In the third funding period, it is planned to carry out the wear tests on modified insert tools and thus to represent the many-sided requirements of the different BMU processes. Furthermore, the analysis of the interaction of the production processes from the Transregio with regard to residual stresses is the focus. A varying reinforcement of the forming tools is also to be analyzed. The goal is to be able to set desired and locally residual stresses on real tools despite the many-sided manufacturing steps. Finally, the findings will be presented in a joint demonstrator tool.



Head of Working Group




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