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T05 - Superimposed Oscillation

Extension of the process limits by integration of oscillation tool into an industry-oriented sheet-bulk metal forming process

Project Status: Active

Last Update: 31.07.2019


The aim of the project is to realise and investigate the transfer of the obtained results from the sub-project A7 regarding the superimposed oscillation to the boundary conditions of an industry-oriented sheet bulk-metal forming process. The objective is to achieve an optimised material flow, increased component quality and low process times through a powerful oscillation superposition in a sheet metal forming process. At the same time, the influence of the new oscillating process from the TP A7 at frequencies of up to 600 Hz and amplitude of up to 60 μm is to be examined for the abstracted process. From the results obtained, a transfer approach to other SBMF processes is developed.

Working Groups