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Last Update: 17.07.2019

ak-werkstoffe 01

The characterization and description of the material behavior is an important basis for the process design of sheet-bulk metal forming. The primary goal of the working group is to bring together the various investigations of the subprojects regarding the material behavior. The working group Materials aims at both the projects investigating processes, as well as those characterizing material properties.

Within the third funding period, the work group will invite to moderated discussions in the field of materials to discuss the project results. Another focus will be set on qualifying the new project workers in the fields of metallography and scanning electron microscopy as well as material testing and fatigue. Therefore, targeted workshops will be carried out regarding these topics and state-of-the-art methods.



Head of Working Group




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      • 12.02.2019: Caspari, M.: Node-Based Form Finding with alternating Number of Nodes caused by Remeshing, Havanna, Kuba
      • 26.02.2019: Caspari, M.: Improving a Node-Based Form Finding Approach to Forming Processes, Porthsmouth, USA