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T06 - Tool Wear

Numerical calculation of the tool wear in industrial cold forming processes by further development of a wear model

Project Status: Active

Last Update: 31.07.2019


The aim of the presented research project is the transfer of the obtained results from the sub-project A7 with regard to the numerical wear modelling as well as superimposed oscillation on the forward extrusion process and its validation in the context of industrial process conditions. At this point, the production trials of solid sheet forming in sub-project B7 should serve as the basis for the investigation of wear. For this purpose numerical as well as experimental investigations on a abstracted model process, which is derived from a complex multistage forming process of the company fischer, will be realized. The wear model is extended to cover the industrial process. It has to be validated by considering industrial live from the processes of fischer.

Illustration: Procedure in the transfer project