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T04 - Gradingmechanisms

Incremental Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming using thermally controlled grading mechanisms

Project Status: Active

Last Update: 02.07.2019


Conventionally, functional components with a load-adapted shape are manufactured by less resource-efficient processes. A resource-efficient manufacturing by metal forming is currently not economically feasible due to challenges in geometrical accuracy and tool-life. The aim of the investigations of the subproject T04 is to expand the technology of incremental sheet-bulk metal forming by a thermal grading of the mechanical properties in the forming zone. This enables a homogenization of the thickness distribution of the functional elements. Furthermore, the locally reduced yield stress decreases the mechanical tool-load, which increases the tool-life. This provides the basis for an industrial use of this technology and, thus, a resource-efficient manufacturing of functional components. An overview of the research content planned for the transfer project T04 is shown below.

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Aim and content of the research work