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C1 - Friction Law

Constitutive Friction Law for the Description and Optimization of Tailored Surfaces

Project Status: Active

Last Update: 18.07.2019


Phase III of subproject C1 focuses on the holistic numerical and experimental analysis as well as the description of the tribological conditions. In addition to the investigations concerning friction and lubrication based on the results of Phase I and II, Phase III extends the analyses to time-dependent changes of the tool surface. Experimental and numerical approaches are necessary to build up a fundamental understanding. The results of the experimental investigations are used to validate the numerical models. The numerical analyses are used to derive model concepts for the identification of fundamental mechanisms of interaction between surface properties and application behaviour based on the results of phase II. This combined approach enables a focused development of the tribological systems for the SBMF. In order to extend the process limits of SBMF taking into account the operating time, in particular the previous measures have to be further developed and the combined use of tool and workpiece-side modifications systematically investigated. In addition, the adapted tribological systems will be evaluated with regard to their performance as a function of the operating time by numerical and experimental analyses.

Methodology C1

Working Groups



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