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A1 - Deep Drawing

Process Combination for Manufacturing of Teethed, Thin-walled Functional Components out of Tailored Blanks

Project Status: Active

Last Update: 15.10.2019


The goal in the third project phase is the production of stress-adapted functional components with functional elements on both sides of the frame by means of proceeds of sheet-bulk metal forming using process-comprehensive process strategies. The latter enable a consistent analysis of the whole product development process starting at the forming process up to the behavior of functional components made of recyclable steel materials. The realisation of two-sided functional elements leads to new challenges in the process steps of tailored blank production and the shaping of functional components with regard to controlling of the axial, radial and tangential material flow. It is necessary to analyze the interactions among the two-sided form elements during the production of tailored blanks and components in relation to the position, type and design. The aim of the processes orbital forming and flexible rolling is to preform functional elements already in the production of tailored blanks, which are subsequently near-net-shape formed in the process combination of deep drawing and upsetting. Depending on the component geometry, material and process step, it is possible to determine in which step of the process chain and to what extent pre-forms are formed. This allows an extension of the forming limits. The targeted design of the components with regard to their geometrical and mechanical properties also requires investigations on the fatigue strength. Resulting findings should allow the selection of a customized process chain in consideration of the requirements on the components. The developed strategies are assessed comparatively and a process window for the production of functional components is established by means of a process combination using tailored blanks. For a transferability of the findings which are already worked out in the first two phases, the materials DC04 and DP600 are used.

Approach for the third project phase in TP A1

Working Groups



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