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Projects B: Systems

In the first funding period project area B research was targeted at developing methods for the manufacture of tools for sheet-bulk metal forming. This was supported by the development of methods for testing and measurement. In consequence the analysis of the functionality of some components of the production system was possible as well as the controll of the production process to ensure a desired quality. In addition a self-teaching support system was developped that is helpful during process design and construction. The second funding period saw a deepened understanding of the mechanisms as well as a transfer of the results to the forming processes in project area A. The application of local surface properties on forming tools with respect to the run-in behavior was of central importance. The detailed analysis of the tool load and tool properties of the milling tools used to make the forming tools as well as the forming tools itself will be targeted in the third funding period. The effect of coatings on wear, damage and tool life of the forming tools with respect to the demands of the forming process on the tribological conditions for the defined material flow are the limitations that have to be taken into account in the targeted methods.