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Project Area A: Processes

Project Area A is the fundament of the collaborative research center. In this area the key expertise regarding the manufacturing technologies are developped in the process oriented projects which are supported by quality ensuring methods. This on the one hand did set the limits for the other project areas while on the other hand integrated results from those areas and validated developments regarding measurements. In the first funding period the focus was on researching the forming and forming processes in the field of sheet bulk metal forming as well as optimized methods regarding the numerical simulation. In the second funding period the adaptation and application of the findings and methods from project areas B and C gained importance with increasing  project progress. An increase in the complexity of the parts as well as the combination of processes was part of the research work. In the current third funding period work focusses on the local adaption of the properties of the workpiece and the resulting demands on tools and semi-finished products. The integration of results and methods from the project areas B and C is a prerequisit for the successful work on these topics.