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Johannes Henneberg

Mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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    • Pilz, F.; Henneberg, J.; Merklein, M.: Extension of the forming limits of extrusion processes in sheet-bulk metal forming for production of minute functional elements. In: Manufacturing Review, 7(2020), pp. 1-12
    • Henneberg, J.; Beyer, F.; Willner, K.; Merklein, M.: Konstitutives Reibgesetz zur Beschreibung und Optimierung von Tailored Surfaces. In: 23. Umformtechnisches Kolloquium Hannover (Edt.): Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Bereich der Umformtechnik, (2020), accepted
    • Henneberg, J.; Merklein, M.: Investigation on extrusion processes in sheet-bulk metal forming from coil. In: CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology, (2020), accepted
    • Henneberg, J.; Merklein, M.: Measures for controlling the material flow when extruding sheet-bulk metal forming parts from coil. In: Manufacturing Review, (2020), accepted


    • Freiburg, D.; Aßmuth, R.; Garcia Carballo, R.; Biermann, D.; Henneberg, J.; Merklein, M.: Adaption of tool surface for sheet-bulk metal forming by means of pressurized air wet abrasive jet machining. In: Production Enginieering, 13(2019), pp. 71-77
    • Merklein, M.; Gröbel, D.; Löffler, M.; Henneberg, J.: Investigation on blasted tool surfaces as a measure for material flow control in sheet-bulk metal forming. In: Manufacturing Review, 6(2019), pp. 1-9
    • Henneberg, J.; Lucas, H.; Denkena, B.; Merklein, M.: Investigation on the Tribological Behavior of Tool-sided Tailored Surfaces for Controlling the Material Flow in Sheet-Bulk Metal Forming. In: AIP Conference Proceedings 2113 (Edt.): Proceedings of the 22nd International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming, (2019), pp. 1-6


    • Merklein, M.; Löffler, M.; Gröbel, D.; Henneberg, J.: Material flow control in sheet-bulk metal forming processes using blasted tool surfaces. In: Qin, Y.; Dean, T.A.; Lin, J.; Yuan, S. J.; Vollertsen, F (Edt.): MATEC Web of Conferences, (2018), published